Scar Camouflage

People end up with scars on their head for a lot of different reasons, surgery and accidents are the main causes. Hair will not grow naturally in the scar tissue, depending on the surface of the scar SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) can help hide or camouflage the scar.  Scar tissue reacts differently to normal skin so it is imperative a qualified SMP practitioner executes the procedure.

With large scars from surgeries etc. where the scar has an un-natural look the results can be life changing. But during other SMP procedures some clients opt to leave small head scars visible to create a more realistic illusion, this is usually only for small scars sustained during for instance childhood escapades, these smaller scars are not visible till balding is excessive.

Both men and women alike may choose this option, contact Rachel for a free consultation to discuss if this is right for you.