SMP by Rachel Perry

Want a natural looking hairline or the appearance of thicker hair? with SMP you can…..

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)  is an artistic form of tattooing the scalp to give the illusion of hair follicles.  Get a fashionable “buzz cut” look bringing your hairline back to were it use to be or have the appearance of dense thick hair when you have started to thin out.  This is all possible with SMP.

What is SMP


The cost of SMP is well below other hair loss treatments and less invasive than hair transplants etc. We offer personal pricing at your consultation.


SMP is classed as permanent but will fade after 3-5 years, at this time a top up can be done or it can be left to fade out.


We offer a 12 month guarantee with proper aftercare, from the first treatment.

What We Do


See the transformation clients go through, not only with their new hairline but with their new found confidence in their appearance …………….. Michael (46) lost hair suddenly around 35 years old, 2 sessions in and he has a new hairline to go with his new found confidence.

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